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By downloading Serial Cloner for free you will work with an ideal molecular biology application. Read and write any DNA sequence for free with Serial Cloner


Molecular biology application

February 20, 2019
8 / 10

Serial Cloner is a molecular biology software application capable of reading and writing DNA sequences. It also allows you to import and export files in the FASTA universal format and import other formats that are native to programs like Vector NTI, ApE, pDRAW32 or GenBank.

Biological cloning now has an ideal tool

On Serial Cloner's interface, you'll be able to analyze the sequences and their construction graphically, with the possibility to take notes on the sequences as well as on the graphic maps. You'll be able to select fragments numerically, find restriction places, create nucleotides and peptides, calculate the Tm of selected fragments and MW...

The features of the sequence will now be visible on the map itself. Serial Cloner will allow you to configure new subprojects and get the electronic versions of its construction ready. Extract subsequences from a selection to create new fragments based on PCR or on synthetic adapters.

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