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Transform your computer into a chemistry lab with Model ChemLab. Work as if you were in a real lab performing all your experiments, download Model ChemLab

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Model ChemLab is an application that will come in very handy for all chemistry students that have to carry out lab experiments but don't have access to a lab, because it will allow them to create a virtual lab on their computer, as well as keeping them out of danger before testing a new experiment.

This software is a complete virtual lab with a very easy-to-use interface that includes a wide variety of devices and configurations that will make the experience nearly identical to working in a real chemistry lab.

As soon as you launch Model ChemLab you will see all its features, so as to be able to start loading the peculiarities of the interface and the tools necessary.

Modules available

  • Gravimetric analysis of chloride
  • Specific heat determination
  • Kinetics in a redox reaction
  • Gas compression
  • Fractional crystallization
  • General lab
  • Acid-base titration

Thanks to all these possibilities and the number of configurations and modifications that you can apply, Model ChemLab is one of the most interesting programs that you will be able to encounter for this purpose, something that students will really appreciate.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to use 35 full lab simulations.
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