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Download Focus Booster and improve your productivity by controlling the amount of time you work. Focus Booster tells you when to rest or change your task

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One of the greatest problems of trying to be productive is dealing with all the outstanding tasks the pile up and that don't allow us to concentrate. If this is what happens to you, you can resort to Focus Booster that will help you to control your working hours.

Forget about the time and focus on your work

Focus Booster allows you to establish from its configuration panel, the times for each work session as well as the rests between activities. Thus, we can improve the management of the time we have available, and it also makes it easier to carry out an exhaustive control of the fulfilment of objectives. On the other hand, as we establish a certain amount of time for all our tasks, limited by alerts, we can carry out all our tasks in order and with maximum concentration.

Carry out thorough control of the time spent on your tasks.


  • Control of work and rest times.
  • Configuration of the length of each interval.
  • Possibility to mute any sound.
  • Possibility to configure sound alerts.
  • Automatic start.

Download Focus Booster for free and improve the productivity of your work, focusing on only one task at a time.

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