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Download Gadwin PrintScreen for free, an advanced tool to perform captures. Gadwin PrintScreen is the alternative to the simple Windows screen capture tool


Take screenshots of any web or application

September 19, 2022
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On many occasions we are unable to explain something without the help of an image, and when this happens in the computing world it's necessary to use a program like Gadwin PrintScreen, that will help us capture that image from the screen, whether the entire desktop or just a small portion of the window.

Take screenshots quicker and easier.

Advanced application to take screenshots

Gadwin PrintScreen is an application that will help us take screen captures, offering us a wide range of options that aren't available when we use the inbuilt Windows PrintScreen function. As well as letting us configure the hotkey we want to use to make the captures, Gadwin PrintScreen has other interesting features:

  • Lets us delay the capturing process.
  • Preview each one of the images captured.
  • Different screenshot possibilities (full window, current window or rectangular area).
  • Insert watermarks.
  • Resize the images.
  • Customize the name and format of each capture.

Don't waste any more time taking screen captures with the Windows tool and download Gadwin PrintScreen, that will make screen capturing much easier and quicker.

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