Opinions about GBWhatsApp: pros and cons

The opinions about using a MOD of the likes of GBWhatsApp are very unalike depending on who we ask: some people prefer to use the official WhatsApp Messenger and not put their communications at stake in the hand of third parties, whilst others don’t mind risking their privacy in exchange of making the most of its great functions. Malavida’s editors have given their opinion about this issue, bearing in mind the MOD’s features:

Lory Guilloux

Using GBWhatsApp has an important advantage that stands out above the rest: being able to use two WhatsApp accounts at once. This allows us, for instance, to separate our professional and private lives without having to carry around two phones. Furthermore, we can improve our privacy which is also very important. However, I personally prefer to use the official versions of all my apps.

Antony Peel

Beyond all the tiny tweaks offered by this MOD, I usually use GBWhatsApp to be able to carry around two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone. Therefore, with my dual SIM phone I can forget about having to go around with a personal mobile and a work mobile: I simply associate my number to the official WhatsApp and the company number to GBWhatsApp. Really comfortable because I don’t have to continuously switch sessions to check one app or the other, and it allows me to send and receive messages from two different types of contacts.

Elies Guzmán

One of my favorite MODs due to its stable performance and because I like to change the aspect of the interface every now and again. I am slightly concerned about the fact that an unofficial application can access my messages… although we don’t really know how Facebook and WhatsApp use our information any way.

Héctor Hernández

Using two different phone numbers with two different WhatsApp accounts is highly recommendable, especially for those people that don’t want to mix contacts.

These are the main advantages of using this app, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worthwhile using a WhatsApp MOD or you’re better off sticking to the official chat and messaging app:

  • Fully customizable: unlike the official WhatsApp Messenger, GBWhatsApp allows us to customize the interface to the max. We can download themes created by other users or modify colors and icons, all the latter from the settings menu.
  • Freeze the connection time: we can control privacy aspects such as our connection time, being able to freeze it so that nobody can know if we’ve been back online after the time indicated on the interface. It also allows to connect without showing the online status and choose if we want to hide these aspects in general or for specific contacts or groups.

But there are also a few disadvantages, it couldn’t be perfect:

  • The potential danger of getting banned: this is a major different to be taken into account as it has happened in the past (in 2015 for instance) and although WhatsApp is looking more relaxed in its policy regarding the users of MODs, we can’t rule out the possibility of future bans for users that download this application.
  • No more automatic updates: another con is that GBWhatsApp doesn’t update automatically so we’ll have to pay attention to the possible release of new versions to download them as soon as we can.