Glest is a real-time strategy game which faces two opposing factions. Download Glest free and check how addictive this free open source RTS can actually be


Lead the Tech or the Magic in this brilliant RTS

October 5, 2010
8 / 10

Glest is a real-time strategy game developed by a group of friends that has managed great quality and become really important. It would be unfair to compare it with the great titles of its genre, but the truth is that the graphics engine of Glest, as well as being totally original, moves a large amount of perfectly animated characters with great fluidity.

The RTS that faces Tech against Magic

The game has two factions that face each other, the Tech and the Magic. One group prefers the use of brute force, swords, and heavy machinery. The other group prefers magic, including destructive, healing and summoning powers.

Based on open-source artificial intelligence tools and programmed from scratch, Glest offers various units, buildings, and elements that you will have to coordinate to be able to defeat the opposite faction in battle. The scenarios are totally original and are set in various locations, so you will be able to find some that take place in large forests and others that take place in snowy wastes.

One of the advantages of Glest is that it doesn't require a specially powerful computer to work, as well as the fact that it works with largely spread audio and video standards. What's more, the community that has formed around the game provide extensions, like new factions, better maps or mods of the game that manage to greatly improve this game's lifespan.

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