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With Google Santa Tracker we can monitor Father Christmas' entire journey and our presents on Christmas Eve thanks to the technology offered by Google Maps

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Christmas Eve is a very special night, because Santa Claus gets on his sleigh to give out presents all over the world. Thanks to Google we can follow his travels on December 24th with all sorts of details and we can look it all up on the web designed for such purpose.

Google's elves have worked hard this year

Google Santa Tracker offers us all the search engine's technology to monitor the travels of our presents. This web uses Google Maps' technology and allows us to know where our presents are and how long we're going to have to wait until we can open them. Essential for a peaceful Christmas Eve, just think about how you'd feel if you didn't know whether your presents were on their way or not.

The only night of the year that Father Christmas sets off to work.

Furthermore, while we wait, we can look up different charity initiatives in which Google cooperates or a photo section to find out how Christmas is seen in his village.

Now you know, keep close track of Christmas thanks to the omnipresent search engine.

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