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If you're into extreme sports and adventure, you've probably got a GoPro to record everything. And now with GoPro Studio you can edit all those videos


What would you do with your GoPro without this program?

May 17, 2019
8 / 10

Any great camera needs a decent editor. Especially if we're talking about a camera that can put up with almost anything. GoPro is an action camera that allows us to record ourselves practicing any sport without any kind of limit or fear. Therefore, to be able to show the world our skills, nothing better than enhancing the resulting videos on our Mac.

The easiest way to download and enjoy your GoPro photos and videos.

Editing video is now child's play

You won't need any kind of tutorial to be able to use GoPro Studio as it's very intuitive and you'll easily find all the editing options available. You won't find any small print hidden on the screen, to such an extent that it looks like it has been developed by Apple. You can download the videos straight to your Mac from your GoPro without having to do anything. Straight to postproduction with a single click.

Having this kind of application can be very useful if we've got any problems with the recording's audio, need to update a frame or want to add a soundtrack to our adventure, or all at the same time. The company itself lets us know what we can do with its application, and that's quite a lot:

  • Download, organize, and share photos and videos from your GoPro.
  • Edit photos and videos, add slow-motion effects whenever you want.
  • Find the point recording point.
  • Simple tools to create brilliant compositions.
  • Update your GoPro camera.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Mac OS X 10.10.
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