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Download Hedgewars free, a turn-based strategy game that is similar to the classic Worms. Destroy enemies and improve your weapons while playing Hedgewars


Version of Worms starred by hedgehogs

August 21, 2023
8 / 10

Hardcore gamers will know Worms, a classic title starring worms as the main characters where the objective was to eliminate rivals using a full arsenal of weapons.

Hedgewars is a new version based on that classic, with the only difference that this time hedgehogs replace the worms in battle. The rest of the game is the same: turn-based system, multiple scenarios with endless obstacles to avoid and a lot of war.

Lead your team of hedgehogs

You will be the leader of a hedgehog battalion. The objective is no other than to inflict as much damage as possible to your enemies, and therefore, obtain substantial earnings and improve the destructive capacity of your weapons.


  • Lead a battalion of hedgehogs and eliminate your enemies using your weapons.
  • Advance levels to obtain more powerful weapons. Limitless amount of maps generated randomly from 22 settings.
  • Play locally with enemies controlled by the PC's AI or fight against other players on the Internet.
  • 47 mass destruction weapons.
  • Up to eight players.
  • Three game modes: simple game, multiplayer and training ground.
  • Enjoy colorful graphics.

Watch out for friendly fire!

Everyone to the battlefield

If you want to have a good time, just like you did with Worms, download Hedgewars for free. You will be able to customize your battalion with special clothes and even voice packs, and you will have access to 18 modifiers that will alter any aspect of the game.

In Hedgewars you will find the same or even more entertainment than in the classic Worms. Download Hedgewars for free and become the commander of a battalion of hedgehogs, and wipe out your enemies with your weapons.

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