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In Hexar.io for Android devices, you'll have to fight against other players in the online mode to be able to conquer as much territory as possible

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Games of the likes of Agar.io have become tremendously popular on Android and iPhone. Mainly because apart from the addictive puzzle component we also have to add the massive multiplayer online side of the game: we'll play in huge gaming areas together with thousands of gamers from all the world that will increase our eagerness to defeat our rivals and win.

A hexagonal Agar.io

That's exactly what Hexar.io is, a game that offers us similar gameplay with a few exceptions: here we'll move around hexagonal cells that will indicate our path. In other words, there are six possible directions instead of four. And that's very important because it increases the number of possible combinations when it comes to moving from one place to another.

How to play is really easy and you only have to take into account three considerations during your games:

  • Capture blocks within a closed area to make them yours.
  • Defend your territory against enemies, preventing them from stealing your blocks (you'll do the same to theirs).
  • Avoid being hit or touched.

In turn, it also offers us the possibility to get hold of power-ups or boosters to gain an advantage over our rivals, as well as customizing our avatars and base: you can distinguish yourself from others much easier.

Its multiplayer nature makes it even more entertaining and unforeseeable.

As you can imagine, the gameplay is really simple: just swipe your finger around the screen to enclose territory. Then you can also share your score and even the drawings made on the board if they look cool enough.

It's a game that combines the puzzle and arcade genre, and for which you can find certain cheats or hacks that can help you to improve whilst playing. Don't hesitate to download the APK, you won't regret it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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