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Hook and Smash is a casual game of breaking things where your mission is to throw your hook to destroy the buildings around you and drag their rubble

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When it comes to casual play there is no idea, as absurd as it may seem, that it cannot be susceptible to being turned into a game to pass the time. The umpteenth demonstration is found in Hook and Smash.

It smashes buildings and drags their rubble to get points

The approach is simple: simply throw the hook against the buildings to destroy them and make them fall down. By doing so you can turn them into rubble and then drag them towards you for rewards. The more you can drag, the higher your score.

So what do you do with those points? It's very easy: as in any game of this type, you can invest your earnings in improving your power of destruction. Buy more speed, distance and power for the throwing of your hook so you can break more and better as far as your eyes can see. Don't miss out on the powerups that will cross your path from time to time.

A snag? Yes, it is: excessive advertising during games.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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