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In Island Experiment for Android devices, we have to help its main characters to survive on a desert island full of dangers as well as hidden treasures

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If you've watched Lost, you're probably familiar with this plot, although Robinson Crusoe already starred in a similar story some years before: a plane crashes on a desert island and the survivors of the accident have to try to survive.

Well, that's more or less the plot we'll find in Island Experiment for Android, a game in which a pair of kids are trapped on an island and we'll have to help them to fight for their lives in a mysterious and hostile environment.

How to survive on a desert island?

So we'll have to set out to try to stay alive until somebody comes to the rescue. For such purpose, we'll have to avoid all kinds of dangers and discover the treasures hidden on the island: we'll have to build a farm to harvest food, collect gems to purchase new tools (although there's no sense to that if there's nobody to trade with), face up to situations that will force us to make horrible decisions...

The survival of these two kids is up to us.

So, once we've downloaded its APK and installed it on our tablet or smartphone, we can make the most of functions and features such as the following:

  • Island to be explored where can discover secret hideouts, jewels, and all sorts of treasures.
  • Build a shelter where to live.
  • Learn new harvesting techniques to develop on your farm.
  • Conquer new challenges to earn more rewards.
  • Mysterious experiments carried out by mad scientists.

The game has a huge number of followers that share all their achievements on Facebook, as well as cheats and guides that can become quite useful at any given moment. You can also find mods that will help you to get hold of extra gems for free but remember that if you get caught using these cheats you can be kicked out of the servers.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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