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JAWS is an application that converts the contents of the screen into sound. Download JAWS and adapt your computer for blind and visually impaired people


Screen reader for blind and visually impaired people

February 4, 2014
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Many applications have the capacity to adapt computing systems to those people that due to any kind of handicap can't access them properly. This is the case of JAWS, an application that allows blind and visually impaired people to use a computer running under the Windows operating system without any problem because it transforms the screen's contents into sound so that the user can browse and access any application without seeing the screen.

Convert to audio any content on your screen

Among the program's main features a very outstanding thing is that it's compatible with all kinds of files (including PDFs and Flash files, for example), it's capable of reading progress bars, graphs and ASCII, and as well as offering the possibility to configure it to work with applications that don't offer native compatibility.

The program incorporates voice synthesizers in German, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish and Spanish. As well as all the latter, the installation and the entire configuration of JAWS can be carried out by voice, so that the user can be completely self-reliant while working on his/her computer.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 40 minutes.
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