Text-to-Speech Software for Windows

If you need to convert a written text into a voice narration you should try downloading any of these text-to-speech applications available for Windows

Talk It 1.0 English
Talk It 1.0

Your computer will speak and sing whatever you tell it to

JAWS 2019.1901.66.400 English
JAWS 2019.1901.66.400

Screen reader for blind and visually impaired people

TextAloud 4.0.57 English
TextAloud 4.0.57

Make you computer read any text out loud

Language Reader 2.01 English

Practical free Text-to-Speech application

vozMe 1.5 English
vozMe 1.5

Play your WordPress posts in audio format

ACAT 1.50.0 English
ACAT 1.50.0

Source code for the platform that gives voice to Stephen Hawking

TTSReader 1.30 English
TTSReader 1.30

Convert any text into audio in a matter of seconds

Cepstral Allison English
Cepstral Allison

Play texts as audio files

PCVoz 9.0 English
PCVoz 9.0

An application that is very useful for people that suffer some kind of visual impairment

Text Speaker 3.27 English

Convert any text to an MP3 or WAV file

Balabolka English

Application to read any text out loud

Listen N Write English
Listen N Write

Easily transcribe audio

Easy Talking Notepad 3.0 English

Convert any text into sound

Panopreter English

Application capable of reading text files out loud