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TTSReader is an application that allows you to convert any text into sound. Download TTSReader for free and create clear spoken sentences from written text


Convert any text into audio in a matter of seconds

November 16, 2010
7 / 10

TTSReader is a Text-to-Speech application capable of allowing you to listen to any text by means of a synthesized voice, that can be configured by any user. This converter is capable of converting any text fragment into sound by means of a very simple interface, similar to that of the notepad included in Windows, with the only difference that this development has a series of playback and modulation controls.

Listen to texts read out loud

How it works is very simple, because you'll only have to paste the fragment of text in the program's main window and press play (once you have configured the properties of the voice that you will hear reading the text).

The application offers you the possibility to export the results as WAV or MP3, to fix the pronunciation, adjust that pauses between paragraphs. This tool will also allow you to use voice engines that use SAPI4 and SAPI5 formats.

If you were looking for a free Text-to-Speech program that is simple and offers good results instantly, you should try out TTSReader, a tool with which you'll quickly be able to transform any text into audio.

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