Panopreter reads any text input into the application or that is loaded from a file. Download Panopreter and enjoy this simple Text-to-Speech application

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Panopreter is a very simple software application that has an equally simple purpose, but it covers this function perfectly: reading texts aloud.

With Panopreter we'll be able to listen to and record any text we tell the application to read. Once open, the application will allow us to load a text file or write the text we want it to read.

Powerful TTS software

This program is another of the so-called TTS or Text-to-Speech applications, where one of the important parts is to manage a voice engine, usually called TTS Engine, and if we choose so, with as many voices as we want. On the Internet, we can find all kinds of voices: men, women, children, older people or even stranger ones like aliens or impersonations.

Thus, Panopreter is perfect to create audiobooks from a text file and listen to them in the car.

Panopreter is capable of recording a text file as an MP3 or WAV audio file, so we can listen to it on any MP3 player.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Each language requires its own TTS Engine.
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Antony Peel
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