If you are looking for easy-to-use text-to-speech software that works surprisingly well, try downloading the Panopreter program. It will read you any text


Simple and useful text-to-speech software

April 2, 2024
8 / 10

Panopreter is very simple computer software with an equally simple remit that it performs to perfection: reading texts out loud; in other words, here we have a text-to-speech tool. With Panopreter, we will be able to listen to any text that we give it and even record the audio. Once open, the software allows us to upload a text file or type out the text that is to be read aloud.

Main features

If you need to have a text read out loud to improve your productivity and to 'read' while doing other things, or if you have poor eyesight, or have to give a presentation, or for any other reason, this software works just fine, and offers the following options on a simple and functional interface:

  • Allows text to be read out loud in different languages.
  • The software highlights the words it is reading.
  • The text read can be saved to a .wav or .mp3 audio file.
  • Reading speed and volume can be adjusted.
  • Copy-paste text or upload .txt. files.

In addition, if you need a more comprehensive program, the paid-for version offers additional options such as reading Word or PDF files, converting the text to other audio formats, adding extensions to your browsers, or customizing the interface, along with other functions.

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