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Kdenlive is a video editor that covers the needs of a great amount of users. Kdenlive allows linear and multi-track editing, as well video and audio mixing

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There's no need to waive Linux to be able to enjoy a powerful video editor with great features. Kdenlive is an example of the latter that has been designed to respond to the needs of the most demanding users.

A program that covers great part of our video editing needs

Kdenlive offers us the possibility to carry out high quality video processing and editing projects, being able to mix video and sound however we like. With support for a wide range of codes and formats, it includes a large amount of features such as support for a vast amount of video cameras, multi-track editing and the possibility to export to the most common formats.


  • Support for a wide range of formats recorded on video camera.
  • Multi-track editing with a timeline and an unlimited amount of videos and audio tracks.
  • Tools to create, move, cut and delete.
  • Configurable hotkeys.
  • Possibility to export projects to formats such as MPEG2 or AVCHD.
  • Independent video rendering tool.

Rendering won't block you again

One of the most common drawbacks of video editing tools can be found in the video rendering process. The fact is that when we carry out this step we realize that this function hoards all the application's resources, obliging the user to stop working with it until the process is over. In Kdenlive we'll no longer have this problem, as the rendering is carried out from an application that doesn't depend on the main program.

Download Kdenlive and make the most of a powerful and versatile video editor for Linux.

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Antony Peel
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