Kid Chameleon

Kid Chameleon is one of the most successful platform games released by SEGA in the 90's. Its version for Windows recreates the original game perfectly


SEGA's classic platform game for PC

June 28, 2017
9 / 10

The platform game genre grew exponentially during the 80s' and 90s' thanks to 8 and 16-bit video consoles and computers. We can recall all sorts of titles, being Nintendo's Mario Bros. and SEGA's Sonic the most acclaimed.

The return of a classic SEGA platformer

In 1992 we were going crazy about the Barcelona Summer Olympic Games, the explosion of grunge music and video consoles of the likes of Super NES and Mega Drive. Precisely on the latter, we could play Kid Chameleon, one of the best platform video games developed by the renowned Japanese video game development company.

Here we could control a kid that had to explore different levels (with the corresponding hidden areas) and that could transform, just like a chameleon, into different characters to beat the hell out of his enemies. As you can imagine, it was the real trend in gaming at the beginning of the 90s' with its cute pixelated graphics.

It's impossible not to think about Culture Club's Karma Chameleon.

And that's precisely what you'll find in this version: retro graphics and a very simple gameplay for an arcade game that was a hit back then and doesn't want to be forgotten thanks to the remastered version released by SEGA for Windows PCs that will avoid us from having to download ROMs and load them on emulators.

Main features

  • Over 100 levels with secret areas to be explored.
  • Collect up to 9 masks with different super powers.
  • Transform into different characters to fight with.
  • Pixelated graphics that are in line with its retro character.

Although this game belongs to the so-called SEGA Classics collection that released a few titles for PC some years ago, it has also been launched for iPhone and Android within the SEGA Forever collection, with other classics for smartphones and tablets such as Sonic or Altered Beast, amongst others.

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