Kopanito All-Stars Soccer


Try out the demo of Kopanito All-Stars Soccer, a somewhat different football game for Windows PCs in which there aren't any rules, referees or fouls

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While sagas like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer are dominating the field of soccer video games for PC, there are other titles without so many ambitions, but equally interesting, that will certainly delight the fans of this sport.

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is precisely a football game in which the rules you knew up to now are no longer valid: there aren't any referees, fouls or offsides. Here the only important thing is to score a goal more than your rival to win the match, whatever it takes.

Play football in your own way.

You can play 6 vs 6 matches, taking part in friendlies, leagues, cups, international and continental tournaments. Don't expect graphics or game physics up to the standards of FIFA or PES, because Kopanito sells something different: crazy and fun football.

Everything offered by Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

  • Cartoon-style football game without refs or rules.
  • Over 100 teams, 7 stadiums, 16 tournaments and 600 different players to have a great time.
  • Six players per team, each one of which has unique footballing skills.
  • All sorts of tournaments: from national competitions to regular leagues with up to 32 teams.
  • Prove your skill on the pitch with all kinds of fantasy moves.
  • Use special tricks to win back the ball possession, such as giant magnets, teleport devices or wind generators.
  • Local multiplayer mode with up to five players that can play on the same PC with the configuration of their choice.
  • Four different difficulty levels for the machine's artificial intelligence.
  • Win matches and tournaments to unlock achievements and climb to the top of the world ranking.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows XP or above.
  • This is a pay-to-play version available on Steam.
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