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Start your career as an eSports gamer from your mobile phone in League of Gamers. Become an online multiplayer video game champion by clicking around

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For quite some time, video games have stopped being a thing for geeks to become yet another leisure and entertainment alternative that moves loads of money. The thing is that they've gone even further with the rise of online multiplayer titles, moving on from playing a quick local game of our favorite saga to what are known as electronic sports or eSports.

To such an extent, that we've even got clicker games that recreate the atmosphere of these multiplayer video game leagues and championships. League of Gamers is the latest example.

An idle clicker for gamers

This game, released by Tapps Games for both Android and iPhone, will turn us into a participant of this kind of championship, in which we'll have to face up against other gamers to reach the glory of winning multiplayer games.

As you can imagine, once you download the APK of this game, you'll wear out your fingers by tapping all over your screen. Each time you click, you'll add money to your score with which you can purchase items that will allow you to score points and capacity to win matches against your rivals. And you'll do so by starting off from scratch, in local leagues and gradually climbing to the top of the ranks until you manage to take part in world championships that may crown you as the best eSports player of all time.

Your path to eSports stardom.

Main features

It doesn't matter if you're an FPS, MOBA, real-time strategy game or sports title enthusiast: there's room for all kinds of video games.

  • Start your career in small local tournaments and make way until you reach world championships.
  • Improve the configuration of your computer's hardware.
  • Recruit teammates.
  • Earn yourself a reputation by clicking around.

This game will lead you to glory but, for such purpose, you'll have to recruit teammates, improve your computer, purchase items that improve your skills, challenge competitors...

You've probably already seen on Facebook, YouTube or any other video game web, what these players are capable of doing in events that bring together gamers from all over the world. Well, you can now become a star just like them but without spending thousands of dollars on improving your ASUS laptop.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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