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Do you like management games and LEGO? In LEGO Tower for Android you will be able to build your own tower and manage all of the homes and businesses in it


Build your own LEGO tower

March 8, 2022
8 / 10

Do you want to put the time into creating and building up your own LEGO universe? If you download the APK of the LEGO Tower Android game, you will be able to build a tower made from these famous, colorful, plastic pieces in their digital version.

This is a very entertaining management game, where you will have to start up your own business and hire workers in order to make money and increase your sources of income until you make enough money to be able to add more floors to your tower and then add zany business outlets and apartments.

Build your own pizzeria, bowling alley, natural history museum or even a clown school.

Main features

  • The main objective of the game is to build all kinds of totally customized apartments and businesses
  • You will have to get even more workers and residents for the tower by generating a healthy source of income.
  • There are hundreds of exclusive LEGO figures to collect: zombies, clowns, athletes, doctors, cowboys, etc.
  • There is also a range of LEGO vehicles which you can unlock, depending on player progress: fire truck, police car, delivery truck, delivery motorbike, etc.
  • You can visit other players’ towers and send them exclusive LEGO pieces.

So, there you have it - LEGO in the sky! You have the tower; now build apartments, open business outlets and make as much money as you possibly can in the process.

Requirements and additional information:

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