Macbat 64

Macbat 64 is a 3D platform game starring a cute bat that's inspired on many classic video games with polygonal graphics from the decade of the 90s'


A video game that pays tribute to Super Mario 64

March 11, 2016
9 / 10

If you're getting old you'll remember with nostalgia the transition from 2D video games to graphics in 3D, and you're probably very fond of a game that marked an era in the mid-90s': Super Mario 64.

This Macbat 64 intends to pay tribute to the latter with another game developed using the Unity engine in which the characters and settings have a polygonal aspect that will take us back in time.

Inspired on Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64, Croc, Ocarina of Time and Kirby 64.

A 3D platform game: a love letter to the 90s'

It's a 3D platform game in which we'll play the role of a bat in his mission to reach a mysterious box. For such purpose, we'll have to solve different puzzles and riddles and interact with plenty of non-playable characters, such as owls, octopuses and talking coconuts which we'll find on our way throughout the different levels.

This title includes 10 worlds set in different locations and, despite being a game of logic, it also includes different minigames belonging to other genres such as FPS or racing games, so that as well as reminding us of our childhood, we'll also have a really fun game to spend our free time.

How to play Macbat 64

Just explore the scenarios and talk to the different game characters:

  • Move around with WASD or the direction arrows.
  • Jump with the space bar.
  • The left SHIFT key will place the camera behind the player.
  • Q and E keys will make the camera rotate around our character.
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