MakeUp Pilot


Download MakeUp Pilot and you will be able to apply makeup to a face in a photograph. Apply makeup to your photographs with MakeUp Pilot and look stunning


Software to apply makeup to photos

March 24, 2019
7 / 10

If your image gallery is full of portraits, MakeUp Pilot will take care of enhancing them. This graphics editor can apply all kinds of makeup to the faces in a photo, becoming the perfect cosmetic set to make your skin look as nice as possible.


  • Fix skin tones, birthmarks and moles, pimples and even warts.
  • Modify the color of the eyes, apply lipstick, eyeshadow, rouge, whiten the teeth...
  • You can also change the size or rotate the image.
  • Leave your face perfect to look stunning for your friends and family.
  • Can be used as a plug-in filter for Photoshop.

Computerized professional makeup to keep up your looks

In a very easy manner you'll be able to fix small flaws. Select the right tool, take the cursor to the area, calculate the diameter that you will need for the tool to act on the surface and simply click to mitigate the flaws.

Download MakeUp Pilot and make sure you look great in your entire photo collection.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows you to store the images in the application's TPI format.
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