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Manjaro is a Linux distribution based on Arch with a great graphical attractiveness and high performance. Manjaro is recommendable for all sorts of users


Distro based on Arch Linux

December 19, 2023
9 / 10

Manjaro is a Linux distribution, the purpose of which is to offer the user a powerful operating system without neglecting design and accessibility, aspects that have been considerably well kept. The combination of these features has lead to a distro that is recommendable for users with plenty of experience in Linux and also for newbies.

A great combination of power and design

Manjaro, with the same core as Arch Linux, intends to offer a system as user-friendly as possible. That's why it incorporates desktop environments, graphic applications and multimedia codecs already installed, to avoid complications for the user, but this doesn't mean that more experienced users can't decide to configure and customize the system to their own taste. Furthermore, as it is based on Arch Linux, we have to mention that it's a rolling release system, that means that it isn't necessary to reinstall it completely when a new version of the distro comes out.

The power of Arch Linux in an elegant distribution.

Software included in Manjaro

  • Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird mail client.
  • XChat and Pidgin chat programs.
  • LibreOffice office suite.
  • GIMP to edit images.
  • Steam gaming platform.
  • Xnoise audio player.
  • VLC multimedia player.
  • Xfburn burning software.

Manjaro is, all in all, an excellent opportunity for those users who want to enjoy the features of Arch Linux.

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