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Tails is a Linux distribution to browse the Internet without compromising or jeopardizing the user's privacy. Tails connects to the Internet through TOR


The most private Linux distro

April 30, 2024
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Nowadays, with everyone rightly afraid that their activities on the Internet may be spied on by a cybercriminal or the secret service of any country, all tools that help use to preserve our privacy become essential. And if it's an operating system instead of a tool, much better. This is the case of Tails, a Linux distribution that anonymously reinforces our use of the Internet.

The anti-spy Linux distribution

Tails comes in Live-DVD format that can be launched from the DVD itself, a USB pendrive or an SD card. Its purpose is to reinforce the user's privacy and anonymity when it comes to connecting to the Internet and to avoid the censorship of certain webs. For such purpose, it carries out all the Internet connections through TOR and makes use of an advanced file, email and instant messaging encryption system.

Make sure you protect your privacy.

Some of the features and software included in Tails

  • Linux distro based on Debian.
  • System optimized to preserve the user's privacy on the Internet.
  • GNOME desktop environment.
  • Uses the TOR network to connect to the Internet.
  • Network connection manager.
  • Iceweasel browser, preset with patches for privacy protection.
  • Instant messaging by means of Pidgin, preset with OTR.
  • Airtrack-ng wireless network auditor.
  • OpenOffice office suite.

Download Tails and protect your privacy with the most secure Linux distro.

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