McAfee Total Protection

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McAfee Total Protection is a complete pack of tools to protect your computer. Download McAfee Total Protection and avoid any attack that you may suffer

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There are several protection systems to keep your computer safe from any threat that may be spreading over the Internet. Users can decide to install many separate applications or, on the other hand, use a total protection system that covers all possible threats, such as McAfee Total Protection.

Protect your computer with full guarantees

It's a complete solution to maintain our computer protected and secure at all times and it is made up by:

  • Antivirus/AntiSPAM/Antispyware: Three of the basic tools you need to be protected. They will take care of detecting and eliminating any spyware or virus, as well as making sure that your inbox doesn't end up full of spam.
  • Firewall: That will make sure that the dangerous external connections don't affect us, thus avoiding one of the most direct ways of suffering attacks.
  • Antiphishing: One of the biggest threats that we may face is having our personal data stolen, and this tool will do everything possible to avoid this and make sure we aren't conned.
  • SiteAdvisor: This tool will help us detect any threats that may be dangerous for our computer that we encounter while browsing.
  • Parental Control: With this function, we'll be able to make sure that our computer is not used to access inappropriate contents for our children, like websites of sects, or others that contain pornography and violence.

Download McAfee Total Protection as soon as possible and make sure that you're safe whenever you use your computer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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