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Don't let any infected USB stick flood your computer with malware thanks to UsbFix, a tool that will keep you protected against malicious pendrives


Remove malware from your USB memory sticks

March 10, 2023
8 / 10

Nowadays, many viruses spread through USB memories, but thanks to UsbFix you no longer have to worry about your computer's security when it comes to connecting pendrives, external memories or any other device, as this malware removal tool will always keep you protected against any threat.

An antivirus for your USB port.

And all the latter from a simple interface with two main buttons: Search and Clean, with which you can scan any device connected by USB, block the threat and remove it forever in just a few seconds.

Main features

  • Detect and eradicate infections found on removable devices.
  • Remove viruses, worms, trojans, keyloggers and any kind of malware.
  • Repair damaged registry, task manager and hidden files.
  • Create backups of your files.
  • Updated database with the latest threats known.
  • Possibility to vaccinate new devices in order to prevent infections.
  • Protection for all sorts of USB peripherals: pens, removable memories, smartphones, memory cards, etc.
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