3.9.45 Cracklock is a program with which you can set the date and time for installed programs in order to stop the effect of the so-called 30th-day virus
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Amongst the different computer viruses that are roaming the Internet, there are the so-called 30th-day viruses which usually appear exactly thirty days after the installation of the infected software. Cracklock is a tool that allows us to avoid the execution of any of these programs.

Stop the time for specific programs

What this software basically does is freeze the runtime of a program. In other words, users can add any of the programs installed on our computer to stop the time specifically for each one of them. That means that we can keep a fixed date and time so that that time never goes by and the virus that is scheduled to start running on a certain day, never does so.

Nevertheless, this program can be used for other purposes, such as testing any problem that may result from the arrival of a certain date (remember the so-called Year 2000 problem) or even stop the time in trial versions of programs that expire. In any case, we have to point out that it doesn't work with all programs.

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