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In Merge Animals 3D, we will mutate humans by mixing them with animals to obtain extraordinary racers capable of competing in complicated obstacle courses

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Obstacle running with mutants: what can go wrong? This is what the developers of Merge Animals 3D must have thought, a game where we experiment with human guinea pigs by injecting them with some kind of mutant solution that makes them acquire animal shapes and abilities that will use later in competitions against each other.

Mutants that stand out in different aspects

In this game, we will have to combine different animal characteristics in humans, which will adopt their forms to run in races with each other: walls to destroy, walls to climb, rafts to swim in, and much more. You have to keep in mind that each genetic cocktail will highlight some skills: the strength of a tiger, the climbing ability of a spider, the amphibious capabilities of a crocodile, among others.

This is a classic obstacles game, but with the exception that the evolution of our character is up to us when combining the different genetic categories of animals. There are over 20 evolution levels to overcome, many animals to unlock, and hundreds of possible combinations to create supermutants.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
SayGames Ltd
3 months ago
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