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Merge Snake is a multiplayer snake game in which players have to merge different characters to make them level up and become more power on the board

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Merge Snake is a multiplayer snake game with a rather striking mechanics for this type of game. Not only can you improve your snake with what you do during the game, but you can also make it evolve by merging different characters.

Fuse characters to make your snake level

Let's see, the game itself holds no major mystery: it's like other similar ones in which players handle a snake in a 2D scenario where you eat coins and other items to make it bigger, as well as powerups to momentarily improve your attributes. As it is a multiplayer game, there will be other users sharing the game with you. You need to avoid crashing into them and, if possible, make them crash into you so that it is them that die.

What is new in this title is what happens between games because you can fuse characters to improve your snake. That is, you combine two of the same level into one of a higher level. And so on, again and again, as long as you have money... which you will have to win while playing with other users.

It is very addictive and also stands out for having excellent graphics, so we recommend you download it ASAP.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
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