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In the game Merge Town! for Android devices, you'll be the mayor of a city and you'll have to make it grow by building houses to turn it into a metropolis

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Remember that game some years ago in which you had to make a city evolve? You started off with rocks, grass, and bears. Every three pieces of grass made a bush, and every three bushes made a tree... and so on until you could build cathedrals and castles. It was called Triple Town and became very popular and addictive. If you enjoyed playing that title, get ready because now we have Merge Town!, the Android game by Gram Games Limited with which you can end up wasting hours on end. Be careful because it's tremendously addictive.

Ever dreamed about governing a city, developing its lands and seeing a metropolis grow?

Become the best mayor of all time

In Merge Town! we've slightly evolved compared to Triple Town as we'll start off with houses, forgetting about sticks and stones so that we can start building right away. If we've got two identical houses, we can merge them to create a new and bigger one... although we don't know what the tenants we'll think about it. The idea is to plan the best strategy to create the best city with the best houses.

Merge, build, and develop your own cities with Merge Town!

Two for the price of one

As you advance, you'll discover more and better houses and you'll be able to expand your land in Greenland. Once you reach a certain level, you'll be awarded a new city, Sunsetland, where things work slightly different: the houses will take longer to appear but you'll be able to create connected neighborhoods that will increase your score.

Loads of adverts but for a good cause.

The game doesn't have too many traditional adverts but if you want to advance faster you'll have to put up with adverts to be able to get hold of power-ups. For instance, in Greenland, you can double your earnings whilst in Sunsetland the houses will appear faster. You can also watch adverts to double the money you earn whilst you're not playing or to win better houses when you spin the wheel. Don't forget to visit the store to be able to purchase houses depending on the money earned by your city thanks to the work of its inhabitants.

If you're not worried about getting hooked onto this game forever, you can download and install its APK file for free, regardless of the in-app purchases available to remove adverts, speed up the construction of houses, and other premium functions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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