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Mob Control is a casual minimalist game application for Android where we will have to control the mobs to make them multiply and capture the bases

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The Voodoo studio once again offers us one of those simple but addictive games to have fun and get us entertained at the same time. This time, we will have to launch stickmen strategically to multiply them and control the masses to defeat the enemy army in numbers, and thus, conquer their territory.

Unity makes strength

Mob Control is a simple casual game with minimalist 3D graphics where we have to capture enemy bases by multiplying our troops, made up of lots of stickmen. But to do so, we will have to defeat the other army.

The game mechanics are very simple. We control the cannon to launch stickmen. We can move it sideways and keep our fingers pressed to shoot. The key is to launch the soldiers through the multiplication barriers to increase their number, something that will be harder and harder to achieve as we progress.

How many stickmen can you get?

In addition, when the bar is charged, we will shoot special soldiers that are stronger. Once we defeat the enemy army and conquer their bases, we can move on to the next level. Moreover, between games, we will be able to improve the attributes of our army.

Ok, It is not an outstanding game, but the experience is very fun and addictive, despite its simplicity. But before downloading the APK file, keep in mind that playing the game without an internet connection is recommended.

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Manuel Sánchez
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