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Hop into your spaceship and manage to get through the asteroid belt dodging all the heavenly bodies in the casual game Monguer Space for Android devices

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Flappy Bird meant a turning point in terms of casual mobile games. Its tremendously simple and highly addictive nature has been adopted by many subsequent games, including this Monguer Space, a spacecraft game that will keep you glued to your Android smartphone for hours on end.

Become the most famous pilot in the galaxy.

Once you've downloaded this APK to your mobile device you'll be able to play an arcade game that will turn you into a spaceship pilot that's traveling around the galaxy trying to dodge the asteroids that might end up damaging his vehicle. Avoid them all and beat your own record.

How to play Monguer Space?

Just like in Dong Nguyen's classic, the controls of this title are tremendously simple. Just tap the screen to accelerate your spacecraft, which will help it to move upwards and dodge the obstacles of the asteroid belt.

Crashing into an asteroid involves losing a shield (you initially have 3, although you'll be collect more during the game), but also three seconds of invulnerability for future collisions. Therefore, the idea si quite clear: dodge the asteroids for as long as possible, collect shields to extend your adventure as much as you can and try to cover the maximum distance to add more points to your score. Good luck!

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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