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The game Morphing Hide N Seek offers a peculiar version of hide and seek, as you will need to transform yourself into an object and hide in plain sight


Turn into different objects and hide from the monster

June 5, 2023
7 / 10

Morphing Hide N Seek Android is a crazy version of the children's game of hide and seek featuring minimalist 3D graphics. The key is that here, you are tiny characters and instead of hiding, you will need to take the shape of different everyday objects and place yourself in a position that is not suspicious.

Hiding in plain sight

Playing hide and seek in Morphing Hide N Seek APK is pretty easy. Each game starts by drawing straws to see who is it. That player will turn into a creepy creature and must search for the others.

All other players have a few seconds to see what object they have turned into and move around the room to place themselves in a place where they would normally be. In other words, the goal is to go unnoticed by hiding in plain sight. The monster has three chances to locate the hidden characters.

Are you ready, the monster is coming for you and you must hide to survive!

Although you will usually play as the victim, you can also play as the monster if you watch an ad. Interestingly, the monster's point of view changes, as you will see the action in first person.

Other than that, download Morphing Hide N Seek free to enjoy a lighthearted and funny game with some improvable controls. Besides, the set is complemented with several monsters and scenes that you must unlock.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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