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Murderous Pursuits is a role-playing game in which we have to wipe out all our victims without arousing suspicions during a party on a Victorian ship

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Murderous Pursuits is a role-playing game with a few adventure twists in which our goal is to find the guilty player on board the HMCS Britannic. Set in the Victorian age, we'll have to kill all our rivals without arousing suspicions or getting caught.

Go unnoticed and wipe out your targets

It's an interesting multiplayer game in which, together with another 7 players like ourselves, we'll have to fulfill the missions assigned by Mr. X, our host during a party on a boat. For such purpose, we'll have to stalk on our targets bearing in mind that we also will be watched by the rest of the players... therefore, try not to arouse any suspicions, otherwise, you'll get caught.

You'll have to mix in with the rest of the attendants, therefore, you have to try to go unnoticed so nobody catches you. For such purpose, blend in with the rest of the travelers and take part in all the activities so you look just like any other ordinary passenger: mix in, behave naturally, find the best places to kill your victims, always keep an eye open...

Without a doubt, a great RPG adventure game that offers us something different to what we're used to in this genre.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.3.
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Antony Peel
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