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Muscle clicker is a game in which we get to send a weedy guy to a gym in order to get him working out and turn him into a beefcake by lifting weights


Muscle clicker gym game

March 21, 2020
7 / 10

Muscle clicker is a gym game in which we get to control a weedy little character who wants to build his muscle mass. We will have to help him work out and lift weights by clicking on the screen. As he works out he will earn money and will be able to upgrade his gym equipment, including apparatus and weights.

Become a real muscle man

Your goal is similar to what it would be at any gym: improve your physical condition, build up leg muscle, get some biceps... You will work on different parts of your body, all the while using muscle-building apparatus and aerobic exercise but also, of course, with power drinks and other substances. Did you really think those muscles just came from nowhere?

This is a game that features the same system as other clicker games: which means your money score increases as you progress, meaning that you can purchase new stuffm which will allow you to boost your money score, and just on and on like that.

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