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Would you like to always know when you are getting your period or which are your most fertile days? My Calendar - Period Tracker shows you at a glance


When am I going to get my period?

August 7, 2023
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Every woman knows how important it is to know when you are getting your period if you want to keep good gynecological health. With this in mind, the Simple Design study has launched one of the most comprehensive menstrual calendar apps in the Android catalogue. We will tell you all about its main functions, which will help you keep an accurate record of our monthly cycle.

The ultimate app to keep track of your menstrual cycles

The first time you use this app, you have to enter your data for the system can make its calculations. You also need to enter the details of your cycles, and estimates will get more and more precise.

My Calendar - Period Tracker offers users a main menu from which to access all its tools. When you open it, you can check the days you have left until your next period, as well as your fertile days.

You will always know when your next period, fertility, and ovulation will be.

When you get your period, just tap on your pet (which you can choose among several lovely options) and start to enter the data. The app will calculate the duration of your period based on the data you have registered previously. You can also edit it manually if we know the exact day.

Register your period and take better care of your health

My Calendar - Period Tracker offers much more than just a record to keep track of your periods. From the main menu, you can access the following functions:

  • Calendar. Check when your next period will be at a glance and how long it will last, as well as your ovulation days. You can also enter your personal notes.
  • Cycles. Record a list of your previous periods and ovulation and the next predictions.
  • Chart. Add your weight and temperature during your period and ovulation and see the results visually.
  • Adjustments. Edit your personal features (period length, cycle, and ovulation), set up notifications, change the theme... You can also make backup copies in the cloud, protect the app with a password, and export the data to a document to show it to the doctor, among other options.
  • Notes. Post notes on any day of the month.

The notes section is very complete, as it offers some of the most fun and useful options in this app. You can enter if it was a heavy period in terms of bleeding, if you took any contraceptives and if you had sex. You can also register the result of ovulation tests, your weight and temperature, and the water you drunk throughout the day.

You can also enter your mood with cute emojis and all the symptoms you may have experienced. Symptoms are organized by categories: head, body, cervix, fluid, abdomen, and emotional.

In short, with this app, you can monitor your menstrual cycle closely in a semi-automatic way. It will also help you take care of your general health, as you will be able to make a complete follow-up of all the physical and psychological details your body experiences.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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