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An excellent and totally free defrag application

May 24, 2010
6 / 10

As time goes by, our data ends up scattered all over our hard drive, making it much slower to read and write. To make them easier to read, the best option is to place each package near the next package of information, which is accomplished by means of a process that is called defragmentation (or defrag).

Windows operating systems have their own defrag software, but it has very few options and the information that it provides is rather scarce.

The best free alternative to the defrag tool offered on Windows

MyDefrag is a free alternative that is much more complete. It can defrag the full hard drive or a specific folder, offering us detailed information about each file and its location, through extendable graphics.

MyDefrag comes with a pack of independent scripts that can be accessed through the Start bar or by means of keyboard shortcuts, and each one of them is for a specific purpose: analyze, defrag, quick optimization, slow optimization, quick update, Flash Memory and Disks.

To change a parameter we'll have to open the scripts with the notepad. Even though it's really a task that is much easier than it seems, but it requires having computing knowledge.

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