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Download My Defragmenter free it is a defragmenter that includes other functions, like disc analysis and planner. Defragment your computer's hard drive


Analyze and defrag your hard drive

March 1, 2011
7 / 10

My Defragmenter is a utility that you can download free to defrag your hard drive using an excellent defrag method. The software is very simple and easy-to-use and includes other useful functions related to the process, like analyzing the space on the disc, a planner or a fragmentation analysis.

Tool to defrag your hard drive

To manage to make My Defragmenter a popular utility its creators have had the brilliant idea of including a disc analysis tool capable of valuing if it needs defragmentation or not.

Launch the utility and scan the space available and the different levels of fragmentation that exist. If the result of the trial indicate that the fragmentation is very high it will be My Defragmenter that will take charge of recommending you to start the process.

Do you need to defrag your hard drive? My Defragmenter is the software that you were looking for. Don't you know if your hard drive needs a defrag? My Defragmenter will analyze your computer and will recommend you the best option. What's more, the fact that you can download My Defragmenter free should be a good enough reason to add this application to your favorite applications list.

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