Nerdy Girl 2 - High School Cheerleader Life Story iPhone


Nerdy Girl 2 - High School Cheerleader Life Story is a game for iPhone in which you have to help Hannah to win over Scott thanks to a radical makeover

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Our teenage years, the time the leads us from our childhood to our adult age, should be a period in our life to encourage our creativity, freedom and to develop our personality as individuals. Encouraging those hobbies and interests that prove that we can fit into the common values that make society a better place.

That's why games like Nerdy Girl 2 - High School Cheerleader Life Story should never exist. It tells the story of Hannah, a high school bookworm that has fallen in love with Scott, the football team's quarterback.

Help Hannah to draw Scott's attention

As you can imagine, he's the most popular dude at school and he spends his time practicing sport and making sure he looks good for all his fans. But what he probably doesn't know is that very few high school stars manage to make it and that he'll possibly spend his life telling everyone the same old story about what he could have been with a bit more luck whilst he gets drunk in some old bar, wasting his doll money on slot machines. A real loser with a broken knee cap.

And Hannah is so young that she really hasn't got a clue what life is all about. She thinks that's what she really wants in life because Disney and Hollywood have told her that these stories always have the perfect ending. But that's not true because if she gives up on her interests and hobbies just to be popular she also will end up being a loser just like Scott.

Download this game. It's your shortcut to a minijob!

But this educational game is all about showing you to be unhappy: signing a mortgage, a pension plan, a dozen insurance policies, a TV, phone, and Internet contract, buying the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone every single year, the best tablet, a huge television set, getting a nose job, going to the gym, to the shopping mall, to the movies, watching stupid TV shows, sharing silly phrases on WhatsApp and Facebook... We all end up in the same place, and we want Hannah to get there too.

A change of image for Hannah

So, Hannah now wants to become a cheerleader to draw Scott's attention, so help her to chuck out her books, give up on her principles and to become that typical plain person without any personality:

  • Practice cheerleader and dancing steps.
  • Take her to the spa to relax.
  • Choose between different kinds of makeup and help her to apply those cosmetics.
  • Choose the best clothes outfits.
  • Take her to the gym to lose weight.

So it's up to you. Tomorrow your daughter could live a happy life as an engineer or a sweeper, that doesn't really matter, or you could go ahead and download Nerdy Girl 2 for iPhone. It's your choice, but there are loads of other great games out there to play on your iPhone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 6.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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