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The Android app Nintendo Switch Parental Control allows parents to monitor the activity of their young kids while playing on Nintendo's new video console

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One of the major problems that parents have had to deal with regarding their children's video games, has to do with how much time they spend sitting in front of their video consoles or computers, and how they use them. And Nintendo has just released its crossover between a portable and desktop video console, called Nintendo Switch, that looks like it's going to be the next big thing developed by the Japanese company, regardless of its price. To help parents out with the above-mentioned problem, they've also published a tool to monitor the activity of kids that's capable working on both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Nintendo's parental control application

Does my son or daughter spend too much time in front of the console? Which are his favorite video games? Are they suitable for his age? All those questions that all parents have asked themselves can now be answered thanks to Nintendo Switch Parental Control. This application takes advantage of the connectivity of this new video gaming system to synchronize it with smartphones and tablets through a user account. From their on, any adult can take control of the contents played and the video games used by the youngest members of the household.

The ideal app to monitor with your kids do on their video console.

Downloading this APK offers you three basic and essential functions to supervise all the activity that takes place on the video console:

  • Supervision of the length of the gaming sessions: possibility to establish a certain time limit for games, showing notifications if that limit is reached and putting the console in standby mode if your child goes over the top. It also offers you the possibility to check the amount of time played.
  • Knowing what has been played: it shows reports about the video games that have been played as of lately and the time spent on each one of them. It offers daily and monthly summaries with the possibility to send automatic notifications.
  • Safe gaming environment: according to the kid's age, it establishes a safe gaming environment, restricting the use of certain titles and adapting the functions of the video console to that age group.

Nintendo's approach to establishing a parental control system seems logical, taking into account that other platforms of the likes of Google, YouTube or Chrome have already done so, just like operating systems such as Android and Windows 10. It's normal if we consider how difficult it is to control the consumption of certain online contents due to WiFi connections or in-app purchases over the Internet.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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