The best gaming utilities on Android

Here you’ll find all the tools and utilities you need to turn your smartphone into the perfect handheld video console: hacks, skins, accessories and all sorts of help to be able to improve your gaming experience

Discord 131.7 English
Discord 131.7

The app that will keep you in touch with your game mates

Twitch 13.3.1 English
Twitch 13.3.1

Share your gameplay videos with gamers from all over the world

Booyah! 1.49.27 English
Booyah! 1.49.27

Garena's streaming platform

Google Play Games 2022.03.34949 English
Google Play Games 2022.03.34949

Google's tool to manage your gaming progress and activity on Android

Stadia 4.18.453502927 English
Stadia 4.18.453502927

The Google service for video-game streaming

Chikii 2.5.2 English
Chikii 2.5.2

Cloud gaming community

FF Tools 2.4 English

The solution to all the FF bugs

Fortnite 21.10.0-20805132 English
GSM Fix Fortnite 12.60.0-1

Solution to 'Fortnite unsupported device' problem

X8 Speeder English
X8 Speeder

Accelerate your games without being root

Gloud Games 4.2.4 English

The flat-rate video game emulator for Android

Epic Games 13.3.0 English
Epic Games 4.1.4

The official installer for Fortnite on Android

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual 5.0.21 English

Official manual of GTA 5 for Android edited by Rockstar

GFX Tool for COD Mobile 22.1 English

Optimize your mobile's performance in order to play Call of Duty: Mobile

Poke Radar 1.6 English

Catch that Raichu you can't get hold of

SA-MP Launcher 1.9.2 English

Access GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer servers

Headshot Tool 1.7.6 English

Always accurate shots in Garena Free Fire

WG Map Injector 1.0 English

Download maps for Mobile Legends

JoyCon Droid English
JoyCon Droid

Turn your Android into a Pro Controller for Switch

Netboom English

Play PC games on your cellphone and have lots of fun

Codashop 1.5 English

Direct top-up shop for your games and apps

mGamer 1.9.2 English
mGamer 1.9.2

Get coins and diamonds for your favorite games

Game Turbo 2.0.1 English
Game Turbo 2.0.1

Enhance your gaming experience on your Xiaomi smartphone

Samsung Game Launcher English

The Samsung game manager

GFX Tool for Mobile Legends 15.1 English

Improve Mobile Legends graphics on your Android

Vortex Cloud Gaming 2.0.1 English

Cloud gaming platform

MineMaps 3.7.1 English
MineMaps 3.7.1

Map collection for Minecraft PE

Omlet Arcade 1.94.4 English
Omlet Arcade 1.94.4

Follow your favorite video games via streaming

Auto Clicker 1.6.2 English

Configure an automatic clicking system for your games

Diamond Pang 1.73.4 English
Diamond Pang 1.73.4

Get free diamonds for different games Server Switcher 2021.11.22 English

Enjoy Among Us on a custom server

GameChamp English

Online platform for competitive video games

bitAIM 1.1.18 English
bitAIM 1.1.18

Learn to play carrom

Your Super Mario Run Guide 1.1 English

The ultimate guide to play Super Mario Run 2.0.0 English 2.0.0

Play and host tournaments in your favorite games

Lucky Spin to FF Diamond 1.16 English

Play roulette and get diamonds for Free Fire

Rewards FF Garena 1.0.1 English

Get items and upgrades for Free Fire

FlashDog FF 2.1.26 English
FlashDog FF 2.1.26

Get the most out of Free Fire

PokeVision 1.0 English

An efficient radar for Pokémon GO

Octopus 6.1.4 English
Octopus 6.1.4

Play Android games with a keyboard, mouse or gamepad

Lag Switch 4.2 English

Lag switch for your Internet connection