The best gaming utilities on Android

Here you’ll find all the tools and utilities you need to turn your smartphone into the perfect handheld video console: hacks, skins, accessories and all sorts of help to be able to improve your gaming experience

Discord 230.15 English
Discord 230.15

The app that will keep you in touch with your game mates

Twitch 19.6.1 English
Twitch 19.6.1

The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform

Booyah! 1.54.11 English
Booyah! 1.54.11

Garena's streaming platform

Google Play Games 2024.03.50149 English
Google Play Games 2024.03.50149

Google's tool to manage your gaming progress and activity on Android

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual 5.0.21 English

Official manual of GTA 5 for Android edited by Rockstar

Emzet Dark VIP 2.0 English

Recover your Free Fire account

Chikii 3.22.2 English
Chikii 3.22.2

Cloud gaming community

X8 Speeder English
X8 Speeder

Accelerate your games without being root

FF Tools 2.4 English

The solution to all the FF bugs

CLEO Gold 2.1 English

Cheats, codes, and news for GTA

Bikii Cloud Game 2.3.1 English

Cloud gaming platform

SA-MP Launcher 2.0-build-24.05.23 English
SA-MP Launcher 2.0-build-24.05.23

Access GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer servers

Gloud Games 4.2.4 English

The flat-rate video game emulator for Android

Codashop 3.0 English

Direct top-up shop for your games and apps

Poke Radar 1.6 English

Catch that Raichu you can't get hold of

WG Map Injector 1.0 English

Download maps for Mobile Legends

iGame Keyboard 5.1 English

A keyboard with tricks for your games

Fortnite 30.00.0-33760522 English
GSM Fix Fortnite 12.60.0-1

Solution to 'Fortnite unsupported device' problem

Goxit FF 4.0 English

Boost mobile sensitivity to play Free Fire

FF Emotes 2.1 English

Enjoy Free Fire emotes, skins, and dances

G-Vortex 3.2 Patch 9 English
G-Vortex 3.2 Patch 9

Game & App Accelerator

GG Mouse Pro 1.16.22 English
GG Mouse Pro 1.16.22

Play games on your phone with a PC mouse and keyboard

Fallout Pip-Boy 1.2 English

Fallout 4's companion app

Headshot Tool 1.7.6 English

Always accurate shots in Garena Free Fire

MineMaps 3.9.5 English
MineMaps 3.9.5

Map collection for Minecraft PE

Game Turbo 2.0.1 English
Game Turbo 2.0.1

Enhance your gaming experience on your Xiaomi smartphone

Aim Cool for Carrom Pool 1.5.8 English

Sharpen your aim in Carroom Pool by Miniclip

Intro Tools ML 2.8 English

Mobile Legends intros collection

Buildings for Minecraft 15.7 English

Download Minecraft buildings and incorporate them to your games

Lucky Spin to FF Diamond 1.19 English

Play roulette and get diamonds for Free Fire

GFX Tool for Mobile Legends 15.1 English

Improve Mobile Legends graphics on your Android

Trinus VR 2.2.2 English
Trinus VR 2.2.2

Turn your phone into a virtual reality headset for gaming

Kick Live Streaming 39.6.12 English

Platform for streamers and viewers

mGamer 2.1.8 English
mGamer 2.1.8

Get coins and diamonds for your favorite games

Vortex Cloud Gaming 2.0.1 English

Cloud gaming platform

Img Tool 1.6.1 English
Img Tool 1.6.1

Tool that allows us to modify aspects of GTA

Octopus 7.2.8 English
Octopus 7.2.8

Play Android games with a keyboard, mouse or gamepad

bitAIM 1.1.18 English
bitAIM 1.1.18

Learn to play carrom

Starparks 899.9999.999 English
Starparks 899.9999.999

Play PC and console games on your smartphone

Grind Battle 6.1 English

Earn money by playing your favorite games

GFX Tool for COD Mobile 22.1 English

Optimize your mobile's performance in order to play Call of Duty: Mobile

Builder for Minecraft PE 16.2.1 English

Make stunning constructions in Minecraft PE

Rewards FF Garena 1.0.1 English

Get items and upgrades for Free Fire

Epic Games 13.3.0 English
Epic Games 4.1.4

The official installer for Fortnite on Android

HeyTap Games 5.6.0 English

Register your games and discover new games

JoyCon Droid English
JoyCon Droid

Turn your Android into a Pro Controller for Switch

Omlet Arcade 1.111.9 English
Omlet Arcade 1.111.9

Follow your favorite video games via streaming

Pocket Code 1.2.4 English

Design your own games and animations

Auto Clicker 2.1.4 English

Configure an automatic clicking system for your games

PS Remote Play 6.0.0 English

Play on your PlayStation from your phone's screen

Diamond Pang 1.73.4 English
Diamond Pang 1.73.4

Get free diamonds for different games

FunPass 3.0.9 English
FunPass 3.0.9

Access hundreds of games in the cloud with just one click

FlashDog FF 2.3.2 English

Get the most out of Free Fire

PokeCrew 1.1.0 English
PokeCrew 1.1.0

A collaborative map to catch Pokémon GO creatures

Cheats for GTA English
Cheats for GTA

Discover all the cheats available for GTA from your Android

Nintendo Switch Online 2.9.0 English

The perfect companion for the Nintendo Switch

World of Minecraft 6.5  English

Install mods, maps, resources and more in Minecraft Pocket Edition

PlayStation App 24.5.0 English

The PlayStation 4 and 5 app for your Android

OP.GG 6.7.86 English
OP.GG 6.7.86

Consult statistics and news from PUBG, LoL and Overwatch

Mogul 1.6.6 English
Mogul 1.6.6

Play PC games without downloading them Server Switcher 2021.11.22 English

Enjoy Among Us on a custom server

Sixaxis Controller 0.9.0 English

Play on your Android with your PS3 gamepads

Maps for Minecraft PE 1.5 English

Download maps for Minecraft mobile version

PS4 Second Screen 21.6.0 English

Make the most of the functions of your PS4 on your Android

PokéFind 2.0.5 English
PokéFind 2.0.5

Collaborative map for Pokémon GO

Game Tuner 3.4.05 English
Game Tuner 3.4.05

Adapt your games to the performance of your Samsung phone

QuickTouch 4.8.11 English
QuickTouch 4.8.11

The perfect aid for clicker games

GameChamp English

Online platform for competitive video games

Facebook Gaming English
Facebook Gaming

Facebook's app for gamers

PokéMesh 10.6.0 English
PokéMesh 10.6.0

Capture all the creatures from Pokémon GO

Spider Injector 1.0 English

Cheat application for PUBG

Lag Switch 4.2 English

Lag switch for your Internet connection

OneCast 1.2 English
OneCast 1.2

The app to stream Xbox One games

Mantis Gamepad Pro 2.2.9b English

Map and configure your gamepad for all games

Samsung Game Launcher English

The Samsung game manager

NVIDIA GeForce NOW 6.09.33963494 English
NVIDIA GeForce NOW 6.09.33963494

Cloud technology for enjoying your games on your mobile

Battlegrounds Battle Buddy 1.3.1 English

Everything you need to succeed on PUBG

Car Mechanic Simulator 2.1.123 English

Fix and sell all kinds of cars!

LiquidSky 0.4.14 English
LiquidSky 0.4.14

Enjoy PC games on your Android

Game Controller Keymapper 0.4.0 English

Set up your controller to play all your games

Pocket Game Developer 2.28.12 English

A small videogame development studio

FlashDog PUBG 2.8.0 English

Improve your PUBG gaming experience

Netboom English

Play PC games on your cellphone and have lots of fun

Elite Pass & Diamond & Skins For Free Fire 1.0 English

Guides and cheats for getting prizes on FF

Crate Simulator for PUBGM 1.0.14 English

Simulator for opening PUBGM crates

Lemon Box Simulator 4.5.20 English

Safe box opening simulator by Lemon Box Simulator

Arc8 0.9.4 English
Arc8 0.9.4

GMEE mine to play and earn cryptocurrencies

Xbox Game Pass 2308.35.731 English
Xbox Game Pass 2308.35.731

The Netflix for video games

FastPokeMap 1.1.2 English

Possibly the best Pokémon GO radar

GO Map 2.0.2 English
GO Map 2.0.2

Find the most slippery Pokémons

Z League 1.142.3 English
Z League 1.142.3

Tons of games and mini-games just a tap away

JoyArk 1.5.4 English
JoyArk 1.5.4

Collections of cloud-based games

Earn UC 1.2.3 English
Earn UC 1.2.3

Earn credits for PUBG Mobile

Mobile Gamepad 1.3.14 English

Turn an Android device into a controller to play games on your PC

SUPER PINGER 7.5 English

Say goodbye to lag in your online games

GFX Tool for Battlegrounds 4.5.1 English

Adjust the graphics of PUBG to the power of your smartphone

FNF Mod for Minecraft PE 1.0.1 English

A Friday Night Funkin' MOD for playing in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Guide for Free Fire 1.1 English

A guide with tricks and tips for getting diamonds in Free Fire

Tips For Geometry Dash World 1.0 English

Tips to play the World edition of Geometry Dash

Remotr 1.0.348 English
Remotr 1.0.348

How to play PC games from a smartphone 3.0.0 English 3.0.0

Play and host tournaments in your favorite games

RoClicker 1.6.1 English
RoClicker 1.6.1

Get free robux for the game Roblox

CP 2020 1 English

Calculate your Call of Duty points easily

Xbox Game Streaming 1.12.2102.0401.8854ef2399 English
Xbox Game Streaming 1.12.2102.0401.8854ef2399

Bring your Xbox games to Android

Maps of Clash of Clans 2024 1.0 English

Enjoy the best CoC maps

NVIDIA Games 5.53.32205352 English
NVIDIA Games 5.53.32205352

The online store for NVIDIA Shield games

Razer Cortex 7.6.3537 English
Razer Cortex 7.6.3537

Enjoy your games to the fullest on your Smartphone

Parsec 3.150.022 English
Parsec 3.150.022

Link up to your PC and play your game collection on your phone

Nintendo Switch Parental Control 1.20.0 English

Control the activity of your kids on their Nintendo Switch

Guide Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 1.0 English

Tips to play DB Xenoverse 2

Multiplayer Master for Minecraft 1.2.102 English

Play Minecraft PE in multiplayer version without WiFi

UgPhone English

Your virtual phone in the cloud

Game Booster 4X 2.0.5 English

Improve game performance on Android

GamePad 1.7 English
GamePad 1.7

A controller for game emulators

BetOnYou 6.5.0 English
BetOnYou 6.5.0

Challenge other players and win prizes while playing your favorite games

Mouse Conversion English

Improve touchscreen sensitivity in your videogames

Game Creator 1.0.62 English
Game Creator 1.0.62

Design your own video games with your smartphone

Garena Authenticator 1.2 English

Secure your Garena account

COD Mobile Guide English

How to triumph in Call of Duty Mobile

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool 1.0.86 English

BAGT optimizes PUBG's graphic performance

Click Assistant 1.17.8 English

Customizable assistant to make automatic clicks on your Android

AnkuLua Pro2 9.0.4 English

Automate clicks in your favorite games

Diamond Calculator for Free Fire 1.0 English

Calculate the number of diamonds you need to buy at Free Fire

Nimo TV 1.11.16 English
Nimo TV 1.11.16

Video game streaming platform

Xbox 2312.1.7 English
Xbox 2312.1.7

Connect to your video console

GFX Tool for PUBG 10.3.0 English

Tool to improve the graphics of PUBG

Amazon Luna Controller 1.1.330.0 English

Configure your phone for Amazon Luna games

Diamond Store 34.0 English

Get diamonds for your Free Fire matches

PokeNav English

Find the nearest Pokémon Go raids

Free Robux Loto 2020 2.4 English
Free Robux Loto 2020 2.4

Win virtual money for Roblox

Brawl Maker 3.1.5 English

Brawl Stars maps creation tool

Brawl Stars Box Simulator 10.0.1 English

Simulator to collect and improve brawlers

Gaming Mode 1.9.10 English
Gaming Mode 1.9.10

Improve the gaming experience on your Android device

FHX Clash Of Clans 2.4 English

Guides, tips and cheats for Clash of Clans

Moonlight Game Streaming 12.1 English

Your PC games on your smartphone via streaming

PokeFast 1.0.1 English
PokeFast 1.0.1

Another radar to hunt down Pokémons on your Android

PokeAlert 4.0.13-8 English
PokeAlert 4.0.13-8

Another Pokémon GO radar

PokeVision 1.0 English

An efficient radar for Pokémon GO

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling AndroDisc 1.1 English

The characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! in 3D

Diamantikos 9.8 English

Diamonds, skins, and other free resources for FF

Yandex Games 24.20.2050 English
Yandex Games 24.20.2050

Over 5,000 games in a single app

Turnip 5.2.5 English
Turnip 5.2.5

Social platform for gamers featuring multiple functions

Armor Inspector 3.9.12 English

Analyze all tanks details in World of Tanks

iMotes 2.8.1 English
iMotes 2.8.1

Learn emotes for your favorite battle royales

Rooter English

Site for watching live videogames

AmongChat 1.37.1-220120337 English
AmongChat 1.37.1-220120337

Chat during Among Us and other games

FF Nickname Generator 1.5.3 English

Create unique nicks with fun fonts

Emotes Viewer for PUBG English

The unofficial app to see all the emotes and dances of PUBG

Robux Calc 1.2 English

Calculate how much a Robux dollar amount is

LootBoy 1.46.6 English
LootBoy 1.46.6

Get coupons and discounts for video games