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You can play on your PlayStation on your Android smartphone's screen with PS Remote Play, the app that allows you to resume your games on your phone

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PlayStation gamers that also own a Sony Xperia smartphone have quite a few exclusive advantages. One of them is the PS Remote Play system. What's that all about? Well, it's all down to not having to fight over the TV ever again. This technology allows us to play on our console using our phone's screen: you can even resume your games where you left them off when your dad, mon or son interrupted you and took away the remote control to watch their favorite programs.

The easiest way to have a portable PlayStation

This technology is really useful to be able to play wherever you want, although it also has a tiny drawback, and that's that it's only compatible with Sony phone belonging to the Xperia range and not all of them, so you'll have to check if yours is compatible. That reduces the target audience quite a but there's not much more we can do as the app is only focused on these users.

The only other requirements are to have your phone and video console connected to the same WiFi network. For things to run smoothly, we recommend you to have a high-speed Internet connection, preferably a home network, so forget about connecting to a public hotspot. Some users have complained that certain games aren't compatible so you had better pray for your favorite titles to be supported. Furthermore, we also have to have our console's software up to date. After that, just pick up your DualShock gamepad and start playing.

If everything is OK, you can play whenever you want even if you're never allowed to use the TV set in the living room to wipe out the next final boss.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0
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