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Cheats for GTA is an Android application with a collection of cheats, tricks, hacks, and tips to play Grand Theft Auto Vice City, San Andreas, V...

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Grand Theft Auto or GTA, the action-packed game saga developed by Rockstar, has millions of players all over the world. The latter have fun playing the different titles that are available for several platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, smartphone, and PC. The fact is that these games offer us the possibility to use cheats to gain advantages in the game, such as weapons or vehicles of the likes of cars and planes.

The best GTA cheats can be found in this app

Well, if you want to get hold of a wide range of updated cheats and aids, we advise you to download Cheats for GTA. It's an Android application that tells you how to use the cheats for Grand Theft Auto depending on the platform and title we're playing.

If you're a fan of GTA download the APK of this tool right now.

These are the versions of GTA that you'll find cheats for:

  • 1.
  • London.
  • 2.
  • III.
  • Vice City.
  • San Andreas.
  • Vice City Stories.
  • Liberty City Stories.
  • Advance.
  • IV.
  • Chinatown Wars.
  • V.

The application's interface is very simple and to use it, you only have to choose the GTA edition for which you want to check the cheats. Then, from the upper menu, choose the tab of your choice: PS3 or PS4, Xbox One or Xbox 360, and PC. The shame is that we won't be able to find any cheats for Mac, Android or iPhone.

The cheats and instructions are available in different languages and from an interface without adverts or without any shrills. That makes this app the perfect complement to our games at any of the successful editions released by Rockstar Games.

You'll find cheats for the most recent versions of GTA, such as IV and V but also for the oldest classics. Furthermore, the cheats will allow you to alter different aspects of the games... from the weapons or the vehicles to those that allow you to modify the game's settings or climate.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Cheats for GTA Cheats

How do the cheats for GTA Android work

To get the cheats for GTA working on Android, you first need to know something: if you’re trying to find out how to play any Grand Theft Auto with cheats on your smartphone or tablet, we’ve got some bad news for you as only GTA Chinatown Wars supports cheats. The rest of mobile versions of GTA games don’t support this kind of external help… and neither will you be able to find cheats for the iOS versions.


How to cheat GTA San Andreas Android

There’s some bad news for anyone who wants to cheat at the Android version of GTA San Andreas: the different codes that do work on a PC or video console don’t work natively on the mobile version of the game (neither iOS nor Windows Phone) because it doesn’t support them.


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