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EA App is the new and revamped Electronic Arts' online game store platform that was formerly known as Origin. Use it to enjoy the best EA games available


The store to download games from Electronic Arts

September 8, 2023
8 / 10

Electronic Arts has completely redesigned its online store. The app we used to know as Origin is now called EA App, and from it, we will be able to download the games offered by this video game development giant.

Origin becomes EA App: now it is easier to discover, download, and play

The complete redesign that Origin has undergone to become EA App, has been aimed at allowing the user to navigate through its content in a faster and more intuitive way. Now, you need fewer taps and less time to discover games that may be of interest to you, including new releases and hidden gems in the catalog of this developer. All thanks to a design focused on creating a more intuitive user experience.

It also emphasizes the social side of games, offering the ability to easily connect with friends not only in the EA ecosystem, but also from other platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

These are its main features:

  • Access to the Electronic Arts game catalog.
  • Management of the user collection.
  • Faster navigation.
  • Advanced download manager.
  • Advanced game search engine.
  • Function to import friends from Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation.
  • Possibility to see what other users are playing.
  • A complete description of each videogame, including synopsis, screenshots, and different download options available.
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