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Physics Drop is a game of puzzles for iPhone and iPad in which we'll have to take into account the laws of gravity and draw whatever we need for the game

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You can tell that I'm getting old when I can remember a very entertaining puzzle game from the 90s'. It was called The Incredible Machine and we had to combine different objects to be able to fulfill the object of each mission. We're talking about things such as turning on the fan, getting the ball into the basket, etc. For such purpose, apart from the different objects provided, you had to take into account the laws of physics, specially gravity and kinetics.

Puzzles based on the Law of Universal Gravitation

All the latter is simply to introduce you to the game Physics Drop, which is basically all about getting a red ball into the U-shaped container that will appear on each level. For such purpose, we can only make use of a pencil with which we have to draw the path to be followed by the ball or the instruments that will be used to reach its destination.

Just like in all puzzle and brain teaser video game, its difficulty is progressive and we'll have to be extremely careful because absolutely everything depends on the force of gravity, even the lines we draw.

You can draw whatever you need. The only limitation is your wit and imagination.

And what if we get stuck without knowing how to advance? No problem. Just click the button to reload the screen and start the puzzle all over again. This title, that's also available for Android in APK format, comes along with dozens and dozens of levels, and can be used for educational purposes apart from simply entertaining us.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires iOS 8.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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