Pixel Repair Pixel Repair is a program designed to fix errors on the modern LCD screens. Detect and repair pixels that have frozen once you download Pixel Repair free
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The new thin screens have a small problem, and this is that after being used it is possible that certain pixels end up dead, creating a small dead point, even though it is also possible for a pixel to freeze, not allowing it to change color. To fix this second case you can resort to Pixel Repair.

Detect and fix screen errors

How Pixel Repair works is really clear, because it offers the users a selection of colors to be able to search for frozen pixels, because it isn't all the cases in which pixels end up dead.

Once the frozen pixel has been detected, the user will be able to activate the recovery tool, that consists of a small windows that will constantly change color that will have to be moved to the location of the pixel, so that it can try to reactivate the pixel with the constant change.

Download Pixel Repair for free to try to recover your screen's full working mode and appreciate all the graphics and images with their full splendor.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The developer of this application states clearly that it doesn't work with dead pixels and doesn't guarantee that it will work with frozen pixels in all cases.
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