PoxNora is an online game created by Sony that combines strategy, and collectible cards. Download PoxNora for free and access a past world of fantasy now


Online game that combines turn-based strategy and a collectible card game

September 25, 2017
8 / 10

Sony presents an online game that combines turn-based strategy with a medieval fantasy world in a card trading game, known as PoxNora.

This peculiar title incorporates a very simple graphical environment which is ideal for its purpose. It has very easy controls which make it easy to learn the game's system.

A card-based game full of strategy and fantasy

The idea of PoxNora is pretty straightforward. We'll be entering rooms where we must carry out battles against other players that await us, trying to choose the ones that have a similar level to us. But first, it's worth going through the tutorial mode, where you will learn all the secrets of the game, how to use runes and the rules of each contest.

Prepare for the battle by placing your characters correctly. Cast your spells and keep your soldiers well equipped to face your enemy with the best possible chances.

Discover PoxNora, the online strategy fantasy game by Sony.

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