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Purify is a helpful application for Android that can dramatically improve your battery performance by accessing functions that require root permission


Extend your Android battery life

December 15, 2019
7 / 10

One of the main problems faced by first-world Android users is battery life. There are several actions we can take for our device to consume less energy, however, as basic users, we cannot perform them all. Luckily, Purify can complete them for us.

Extend your battery life thanks to root functions

This is an application designed to increase the battery life of your device with functions that require root, for this reason, Purify can offer battery-saving possibilities that alternative apps like CCleaner cannot. Its main function is to eliminate applications and processes running in the background which burden regular functions and increase the battery consumption of the device. It is also possible to set a whitelist of apps that we do not want to be closed in the process.

However, and this is where superuser option comes in, it also offers us the possibility of eliminating bloatware, represented by all those pre-installed apps that, no matter how small they are, also consume battery power. The application can delete bloatware just like it deletes any other non-useful file stored due to regular use of the device.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Some functions require a rooted device.
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