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Rdesktop is an application with which you will be able to access a Windows computer remotely from a Linux distribution. Download and try Rdesktop for free

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Rdesktop is a development designed to be able to control any computer using a Windows operating system remotely from a computer using Linux by means of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a protocol that was developed by Microsoft, thanks to which it is possible to control a computer by means of a remote desktop system.

  When we connect to any computer a window will appear, that will show us the desktop and we'll be able to interact with the applications as if we were in front of the computer. The program will allow us to adapt the size of the remote computer screen, in such a way that it won't get in the middle if we have to work simultaneously with this tool as well as with other applications.

  To access any computer, we will have to know its IP, as well as the user name and password.

  It's an ideal program to offer remote assistance if our operating system is Linux, because it uses the Microsoft protocol, and due to this, it is the development for this platform that is most similar to the “Remote Desktop” application included in Windows.

  If you need a tool with which you'll be able to access a Windows computer from your Linux computer, download Rdesktop.
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